Attention: Senior citizen get support & care services@your doorstep

Lets begin a new way of life where every elder can enjoy healthy long life with comfort joy & care  


Medical emergencies are unwanted situation that comes without prior notice. The handling such emergency needs financial and well as emotional strength.

As per W.H.O about 62% health care cost in India born out of pocket. This means 62% medical cost are paid by individuals and not covered by health insurance or government scheme's.

चिकित्सकीय आकस्मिकता के लिए फण्ड

क्या आपको अचानक किसी गम्भीर रोग ने घेर लिया है? क्या आपको अचानक कोई शल्य क्रिया करानी है? क्या आपकी किडनी प्रत्यारोपित होनी है?क्या आपको किसी उपकरण विशेष की आवश्यकता है?ऐसी किसी भी चिकित्सकीय आकस्मिकता में हम आपकी आर्थिक सहायता को कृतसँकल्प हैं। अतः अपनी चिकित्सकीय आवश्यकता के लिए आज ही रजिस्टर करें। हमारे प्रतिनिधि आपसे मिल कर चर्चा करेंगे और समाधान देंगे।

In view of rocketing medical cost personal savings are not enough to meet requirements.

In medical emergency , saving the life of our loved one is at the top most priority irrespective of cost, money is not the consideration at that time. We would like to see your loved one to be saved at any cost.

The situation becomes very difficult when you do not have funds and getting money is the need of time.

To help you in such situation, we are extending helping hands to get funds to save your loved one.

Do not worry, No charges, No hidden agenda.

Be easy and comfortable, just Register your self. Our representative will topic you and discuss your needs in details and give you proper solution to get funds.

Please remember presently this facility is only extended to senior citizen only. In very near future it will be available for every one.

Note: Please do not pay money to any one, we shall not be responsible for such transactions.